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Bird Study and Protection Society of Serbia


Ornithological journal of the Society for Bird Protection and Study of Serbia. Ciconia is the first publication issued by the company and the only one that comes from the founding of the Society. Today, after two decades of publishing, Ciconia is the main source of scientific information on birds in Serbia and the only regular ornithological informant with us. It is published once a year.
Magazine for lovers of wild birds in Serbia. Society for the protection and study of birds and the League for ornithological action of Serbia, are publishing Detlic (Woodpecker) magazine since 2008. Detlić is a popular magazine for lovers of wild birds. It serves to inform our members and sponsors, and all interested lovers of nature and the general public about the world of birds and our efforts to save them.
Bird Study and Protection Society of Serbia

Our primary task is bird protection. Each species has its ecologically irreplaceable place in its habitat in nature. Human activities (especially in Vojvodina such as: agricultural development, forestry, infrastructure and water management) resulted in huge habitat loss for wildlife, thus the possibility for their existence is greatly reduced. Our members have the skills, knowledge, ability and a will to, with directed field work, help to improve the status of every bird species and enlarge possibilties of its survival.

A call for proposals: CO-SEED Grant Program - Civil Society Capacity Building and Advocacy
Bird Protection and Study Society of Serbia is launching a call for proposals: CO-SEED Grant Program - Civil Society Capacity Building and Advocacy within the project CO-SEED Civil society acts for environmentally sound socio-economic development (EuropeAid/150147/DH/ACT/Multi; Grant Contract 2015/371-198), funded by the European Union through the European Union’s civil society facility and media programme 2014-2015 - Support to regional thematic networks of Civil Society Organisations.
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Bird Study and Protection Society of Serbia is an active and committed organization that carefully maintains a network of active members throughout Serbia who work on bird and habitat conservation and increase of knowledge about birds in Serbia at local, regional and national levels. read more »

    Since its founding, the Bird Study and Protection Society of Serbia has dedicated its work to:

    • study and protection of birds and protection of their habitats in Serbia

    • publishing data on the biology of birds publication (especially data on ecology, distribution and numbers)

    • developing a network of active observers of birds and nature lovers

    • public education on bird protection

    • collaboration with various stakeholders in areas where birds live (no matter is it a protected area or not)

    • international cooperation with the aim of developing joint activities for bird protection

    • promotion of the bird protection

Wings across the Balkans (2010-2011)
The overall objective of this project led by BirdLife International and financed by the European Comission is to raise the level of biodiversity protection in the Western Balkans through renewed environmental legislation complying with EU directives. Project supports more proactive role of civil society organizations in protection and management of natural resources. One of the objectives is to establish an effective network of seven nature conservation organizations in Croatia, Serbia, FYR of Macedonia, Montenegro and Bosnia & Herzegovina, well trained and informed to stimulate government action for biodiversity conservation through civil society mechanisms.
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EU Environmental Policies and Strategies in South Eastern Europe: Capacity Building for the Implementation of EU Environmental Policies and Strategies in F.Y.R. of Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia (2010-2011)
Objective of this project is to support Montenegro, FYROM and Serbia in their EU accession process through the increased role of NGOs in the implementation of key EU environmental policies and strategies, namely the EU policies relating to sustainable management of natural resources (Natura 2000), the rural development components of the EU Common Agricultural Policy and „green infrastructure“ regulations.
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